Florida Homeowners Insurance Inspections


What to Expect

When we arrive to your home, you will be greeted by two qualified inspectors. We will spend time speaking with you and asking a few questions about your home. After that, we will take pictures of the inside and outside of the home, perform the inspection and fill out the appropriate documents. We will then provide you with a verbal report, shortly followed by a written report. The report will then be sent to your insurance company. 


4 Point Inspection

Some home insurance agencies require an inspection prior to insuring older homes (usually 25 years old or more). The focus of the four point inspection is to describe the condition and age of the HVAC system (cooling and heating), electrical wiring and panels, plumbing connections and fixtures and the roof. Insurance companies require that the inspection and related forms are completed by qualified individuals. The insurance company will make the final determination in regard to insurability.

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Wind Mitigation Inspection

In Florida, wind mitigation inspections are not required by insurance companies; however, you may receive a discount on your home insurance by providing a wind mitigation inspection. The average discount of 30% is typical, saving a few hundred to over $1,000 annually on your insurance premium.

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