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A home is a big investment. Have peace of mind with a home inspection from Metro Engineering & Inspections. We make it easy to schedule an inspection and provide you with outstanding client service. 






We identify the type of roof material and inspect the gutters, downspouts, vents, flashing, skylights, chimney and other roof penetrations. We also inspect for roof leaks and other defective conditions.



We inspect the wall coverings, eaves, soffits and fascia, all exterior doors, flashing, trim, walkways, driveways, stairs, steps, ramps, patios, decks, grading and drainage.



We inspect attic assembly and structure, vents and other through-roof penetrations, identify and inspect the type of insulation used. We can also verify building components for wind mitigation.



We inspect the structural components of the slab or crawlspace and identify defective conditions such as cracks, rotting materials, water penetration and assess for foundation movement.



We inspect that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) are functioning properly and identify defective conditions. We inspect the outside and inside units, registers and returns in the house.



We check that your house is getting the correct water pressure. We ensure each fixture is getting the appropriate water supply and draining properly. We make sure the water heater is working properly.



We inspect for the correct electrical service size, service panel and a representative number of outlets for defective conditions. We use thermal imaging to identify overloaded circuits.



We inspect doors, windows, stairs, railings, walls, ceilings, fireplaces, and the garage for defective conditions. We use thermal imaging on all inspections. We also inspect fixed appliances.


Licensed, insured, and members of the International Assocation of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNachi). 

Years of experience in construction, engineering, permitting, safety, and mold and water damage remediation. 

Inspections are guaranteed through the "We'll Buy Back Your Home" Program.

We inspect single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, multi-unit buildings and duplexes. 




Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection helps you to learn about the home you are buying, gives you confidence to address potential concerns, and delivers peace of mind about your new investment. A home inspection is an objective review of the visible and readily accessible condition of a property at the time of the inspection, with a focus on critical systems: Exterior, Roof, Structure, Water Control Systems, Insulation and Ventilation, Interior, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fuel Services, Appliances and Environmental Systems. If we identify issues, we provide you with specific recommendations and next steps.


How long does a home inspection take?

A typical home inspection takes about two to three hours for a single-family home. Townhomes and condos take less time. We factor in the size and age of the house; larger, older and more complex houses take more time.


Do I need to attend the inspection?

We recommend that you join us for at least the last half hour. If you cannot join our inspector on site, our digital inspection report provides summary, specific findings, identification of potential issues, recommendations, and high-resolution photographs. We are available via e-mail or phone after the inspection to answer any questions.

You are welcome to attend the entire inspection. We will show you the various components and systems of the property, as well as how to maintain them. 


What should I expect if I attend the inspection?

When we arrive to the home, two qualified inspectors will greet you. We will begin the inspection by taking pictures of the outside of the home, inspecting the roof, exterior components and walls, site grading and drainage, outside air conditioning unit, electrical service and water service. We then move to the inside and complete an inspection of all interior, accessible components and systems. We will provide you with a verbal report of major findings, shortly followed by a written, detailed report.  


Why do you use moisture meters and thermal imaging/infrared cameras?

The human eye cannot detect temperature differences. Thermal imaging helps us identify roof leaks, plumbing leaks, water intrusion, overloaded circuits and poor or missing insulation. We use thermal imaging/infrared on every inspection at no extra charge. 


What is included in the home inspection report?

Our report is an easy to read document with a summary page so you can quickly identify important items. The report gives you a comprehensive understanding of the visible condition of the property, as well as recommendations and next steps. Our report includes high-resolution color photos, and is sent to you via email. 


What does a home inspection cost?

Cost varies due to location, size and age. Most home inspections cost between $300 and $500, but many inspections fall outside of that range because of the size of the home. 


Should utilities be on for the inspection?

Yes. If the utilities (electric, water, gas) are not on, the inspection will be limited. We can still inspect the house, but will need to return when the utilities are turned on. 


Is a home inspection a code inspection?

A home inspection is not a code inspection. The home inspection is an introduction to the house and is focused on informing and educating you about the property. A code inspection is conducted from the perspective of the local municipality and focuses on compliance with local and state codes. We are aware of local codes and modern building practices, but the scope of a home inspection is targeted more at providing an informative, detailed and objective evaluation of the house.


What type of insurance does Metro Engineering & Inspections have?

We carry errors and omissions insurance (E&O) as well as general liability (GL) insurance. We also participate in InterNachi’s ‘Buy Back’ program (click here to learn more).

  • Insurance Inspections

    We perform 4-point inspections, wind mitgation inspections, and roof condition inspections. Visit our Insurance Inspections page to learn more. 

  • Custom Inspections

    We perform custom inspections at your request. These can include any component of the standard home inspection. 

  • Permit search and closeout

    Our Professional Engineer can search for and resolve open permits for your property. 

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