What to Expect

During the course of service, you will speak directly with a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer who will take time to answer your questions. Depending on the type of service peformed, you will receive a full report that includes pictures, observations and professional recommendations.


Stormwater System Certification

All water management districts in Florida require commercial property drainage systems to have periodic inspections by a licensed engineer. We complete the inspection and submit the report for you to the appropriate water management district. We also provide you with a copy of the document, and a full report with photos and recommendations.

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Site Permitting and Compliance

Every municipality requires permits. We help you permit new projects, close open permits and resolve compliance issues.

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Site Drainage Analysis and Recommendations

If you are experiencing ponding issues on your property or have slab moisture issues, you may benefit from modifications to your site grading and drainage systems. We analyze the site holistically and provide recommendations to resolve your drainage issues.

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All engineering services are performed by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer.


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