Keep moisture out and energy in


Save money on energy costs and avoid expensive repairs by having a building envelope survey performed. 


The building envelope survey is a thorough inspection of all exterior areas of the building as well as site grading and drainage. At the end of the survey, you will receive a detailed report that accurately details the current condition of the property from the roof edge to grade. The report contains photographs with explanations of each deficiency and recommendations for repair and maintenance.

The building envelope survey focuses on four major areas:

  • Observable condition of exterior surfaces
  • Observable condition of window and doors
  • Moisture and water control from roof to grade
  • List of deficiencies related to the building envelope and site grading


What to Expect

The building envelope survey starts with an extensive visual inspection of the exterior areas of the property. We also take into consideration site drainage and grading. We record and photograph all observations.

On completion, you will receive a report that includes:

  • A summary and details of the observations
  • An easy to understand description of each deficiency 
  • Recommendations specific to each deficiency
  • Recommendations for maintenance
The building envelope keeps the outdoor elements out and energy in.



What is a building envelope?

The building envelope is the physical barrier that separates the inside from outside of the home or commercial building. The components of the envelope include:

  • Foundation
  • Wall assembly (exterior cladding, wall material, moisture barrier, interior wall)
  • Roofing systems
  • Window and other glazings
  • Doors

Any deficiency in these components could cause a broken envelope, thereby allowing moisture, air, pests, heat, cold and unwanted sound to enter the building. A compromised building envelope can increase energy costs and cause moisture issues like mold and warping of building materials. 

A little moisture over a long period of time...

Moisture intrusion can be the cause of building defects, as well as health ailments for the building's occupants.

Some common moisture-related problems include:

  • structural wood decay
  • high indoor humidity and resulting condensation
  • expansive soil, which may crack the foundation through changes in volume, or softened soil, which may lose its ability to support an overlying structure
  • undermined foundations
  • metal corrosion
  • mold growth.  Mold can only grow in the presence of high levels of moisture. People who suffer from the following conditions can be seriously (even fatally) harmed if exposed to elevated levels of airborne mold spores:
    • asthma;
    • allergies;
    • lung disease; and/or
    • compromised immune systems.

Note:  People who do not suffer from these ailments may still be harmed by elevated levels of airborne mold spores.



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